COVID 19 Policy

COVID 19 Policy

COVID 19 Policy


We Dove Adventure Tanzania staff and the Tanzania Tourism Community in general, all together understand the suffering caused bythe deadly impact brought to our home world by Covid-19 and together with our partners in tourism sector are operating within standard procedures against this pandemic terrorizing our world.

Tanzania Government opted a different path combating Covid-19 and we are all grateful and thankful to almighty God and our leaders that their ideas worked perfect and as for now we don’t have Covid-19 infections in Tanzania unless it is brought by visitors from other Countries. Engaging free movement with all our daily routine resumed in Tanzania doesn’t mean we are completely relaxed against Covid-19. We are keeping a very close watch to this pandemic and taking all required precautions during service providing. The safety of our guest and service provider staff is our top priority in this Covid-19 war.

Resume of Daily life routine in Tanzania

After a deep research and analysis.With Standard Precaution Procedures in place, the Government made a tough decision to open all Universities in 01st June 2020 and presented in line all precaution and action strategies to be taken in-case of the outbreak. One Month later after examining the Covid-19 situation and satisfied that the Country is safe, the Government opened all Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary on 29th June 2020.The same day social services were also allowed including all mass gathering such as marriages ceremonies, burial gatherings, and Entertainment sectors including Pubs, Bars, and Clubs, not to forget the famous National league Soccer Championship played at the National stadium which has a seating capacity of 65’000 people at once. All resumed since then till to-date and we didn’t get any new outbreak. On 26th August, all political rallies were inaugurated as we move towards out National election on 28th October 2020. We all know and you have seen in Social media, TV’s, etc. the gatherings of thousands of people the election campaigners can bring together in this time.

Free from Lock down

Since we didn’t know how long the Virus would stay terrorizing our home, the government didn’t activate the internal Lock-down strategy as we believed it would result a more deadly situation than the Virus itself due to the life style of our people. Following the drop-down of Covid-19 infection, in May 2020 the government opened the airspacefor business, humanitarian, diplomatic, emergency and other special flights were allowed to land, take off and fly across the country's skies as it was before.The 14 days quarantine mandatory rule for all arrival were also dismissed, enabling passengers and tourist to visit the Country without wasting their planned days in isolation. The Minister for Works, Transport and Communications instructed the Tanzania Airports Authority to collaborate with the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children to ensure the safety of all Tanzanians and travelers visiting Tanzania by educating residence through different media sourceson the measures to be taken to avoid Covid-19

Below list of Airlines are flying to Tanzania currently

  • Royal Dutch Airways – KLM
  • Swiss International Airline – LX
  • Turkish Airline – TK
  • Emirate Airline – EK
  • Qatar Airline – QR
  • Ethiopian Airline – ET
  • Fly Dubai – FZ
  • Egypt Air – MS
  • Kenya Airways – KQ
  • Rwanda Air – WB
  • Air Uganda – A1
  • Mozambique Airline - TM
  • And others to resume in the near future

International Travel to and from Tanzania

In process to combat Covid-19 and to ensure the safety and relaxation of all passengers& Cabin crews & the world remain safe and no Covid-19 infection jump into the passengers plane, some International Airline require all travelers travelling outside Tanzania to visit designated laboratories for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test to detect Covid-19 before boarding their flight. The Covid-19 test negative certification must be givenwithin 72hrs prior to boarding their flight.This comes into action that Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test for Covid-19 is Mandatory for some travelers expecting to board some International flight and also depend on the condition and requirement of the Country you are visiting next, after you depart Tanzania. Please check the requirement and condition of your airline and the Countries you are planning to visit before purchasing your flight ticket.

Covid-19 testing location, procedures and cost in Tanzania

There are special designated test zones and hospitals or medical centers authorized and supported by the Government to test and combat Covid-19 cases, after visiting the test laboratory and providetest-samples, the certificate is given or collected on the 3rdday (after 48hrs). The cost for testing range between Government hospitals USD 50.00 per person and Private Hospitals is about USD 150.00 per person in Tanzania

Procedures comes into action if a traveler test positive for covid-19

  • During stay time in Tanzania, if a travelers fall sick with Covid-19 symptoms, they are advised first to isolate themselves and quickly notify the manager, Guide onsite, Tour Leader or anyone closer to him/her at that time to assist call medical service to pick him/her from their location to the test centers.
  • As soon as the traveler is detected positive for Covid-19, s/he will be isolated from other travelers, friends, Spouse, and Family members to prevent more transmission to others and treatment process will come into action right away.
  • Travelerswith Covid-19 positive have the option to choosing the Hospital to be treated between Government and Private Hospitals until s/he totally recover and will be allowed to leave the hospital once s/he test negative again.
  • Travelers who test Covid-19 positive, will not be allowed to leave the Country, they will have to follow treatment process until they recover and test negative.
  • All travelers’ documentation information and data collected during testing and treatment procedures remain private between the Doctors and the Patient

Our Precaution and protective handling measures against Covid-19

As for now, we have engaged and implemented several safety measures aiming to keep our guest and service provider staff at a safe zone during this period of prevention and combating Covid-19

  • Our vehicles are cleaned and sanitized each after every private Safari & Airport transfer.
  • All Safari & transfers vehicle use are scheduled to private service during this Covid-19 war period to all guest. Families and Groups traveling together are also regarded private.
  • Our drivers carry and use hand sanitizer just before meeting guest at all arrival point
  • Our driver use Mask all time while with guest during transfer and all activities unless Guest choose not use mask.
  • The driver use spray sanitizer to Vehicle door handles before guest touch it on arrival.
  • All public areas in the vehicle are regularly cleaned and sanitized.
  • We recommend guest to bring or purchase their own Face Mask.
  • Staff with any Covid-19 related symptoms will include Covid-19 test during their treatment procedures.

Prepared by: Shaban Jumbe/Dove Adventure in collaboration with Covid-19 related centers.

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