Kilimanjaro FAQs

Kilimanjaro FAQs

Kilimanjaro FAQs

Do you require special skills for climbing Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro is one of the majestic mountains with 5,895m height. The mountain’s peak is the highest free-standing peak in the world. The mountain is been one of the demanded peaks amongst climbers and the prime reason is, it is truly non-technical. It doesn’t demand any set of skills to climb to the summit. 

What are the health parameters need to climb Kilimanjaro?

Anybody who can continue running for at any rate 30 minutes without tendency like shortness of breath is eligible to climb Kilimanjaro. You should correspondingly have the capacity to walk around at least 2 hours in uneven zones without feeling excessively exhausted. No one with a sore throat, cold or breathing issues should go past 3000m. Also, anybody with heart or lung issues is advised to counsel his/her specialist before attempting to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.  

Do we need to filter our own water in the midst of Kilimanjaro trek?

Dove Adventure will provide you with a great deal of refined relishing water the middle of your trek. However, you may carry some sterilizing tablets to clean water if needed. 

In case I end up being exhausted, by what means will the guide chat with the base camp? 

Our mountain guides are in contact with us by means of radio correspondence by strategies for ICOM radios. So in case anything turns out bad on your trekking we were informed quickly by our guides and porters.  

Is Acute Mountain sickness expected to climb Kilimanjaro?

Yes, it is a fair threat while climbing Kilimanjaro. Whenever anyone climbs a certain altitude from the foothill of a mountain feeling AMS is a natural phenomenon. As the trekkers hike up to 2000m they may feel AMS symptoms like uneasy, vomit, headache etc. It occurs due to the thinner oxygen level in high altitudes. 

Do you have a rundown of proposed things that I can go over? 

Yes, we do have a rundown of various things you will require for your trip. You can rent outside beds, parkas, gaiters, trekking shafts, etc. Email us to get the details of the items with its basic feature, and we will hold these things to give you upon your entry. 

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