Kilimanjaro Porters & Guides

Kilimanjaro Porters & Guides

Kilimanjaro Porters & Guides

Kilimanjaro climbing is a unique trekking experience and attempted by 30,000 climbers each year. There are many pros and newbie hikers come to explore the highest freestanding mountain of the world. To climb 5,895m height you need a full crew to reach to the top.The crew includes guides, cooks, and porters. Porters are generally respected as the hero of Kilimanjaro. They doesn’t only accompany you to the peak also they carry all your needed stuff too.

They carry all the gears like clothing gears, hiking gears, and camping gears. The only thing you need to carry is your day pack. While porters are playing a role as the hero of Kili climb, they are unfortunately treated badly compared to other staffs. They are the low paid employees of the trekking companies. Most of the time they are not hired permanently, they used to work as freelancers.

They don’t only carry the gears they also help a lot in the campsites. They usually set up the tent, fill the bottle with clean water, and help cooks as well.

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