Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe Stream National Park

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Gombe Stream National Park is the smallest park of Tanzania. It is home for 100 plus chimpanzees which are well habituated. The steep hill and valley is tiring climb but if you leave early in the morning, chimpanzee spotting is guaranteed. You can walk around the forest and also swim in the lake or hike around the shore.Besides chimpanzees, it is home to olive baboons, red Colobus, red tailed monkeys, blue monkeys and vervet monkeys. The park also has over 200 bird species and bushpigs. You can also find many species of snakes and occasional hippos and leopards.

It has the Lake Tanganyika with 100 kinds of colourful cichlid fish. You can also find social grooming of chimpanzees here. Chimp viewing is limited to 6 people per group for 1 hour at a time.Gombe research centre is gives you detailed information of chimpanzees, it is run by a team of trained Tanzanians. It has a data of chimpanzee demographic pattern, male politics, hunting, and culture and mother infant relationship over multiple generations.

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