Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park

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The Serengeti National Park is a National Park of Tanzania located in the Serengeti vast ecosystem in the Mara and Simiyu regions, which is in north-western Tanzania. Serengeti is about 14,763 Sq km, and the name Serengeti is derived from Maasai language which means endless plains, so it is also called Serengeti Plains.It includes Savanna, riverine forest, and woodland. To the south of the park you can find Ngorongoro Conservation area and Maswa game reserve. Serengeti Plain is almost treeless grassland of the south and is conceptual scenery of the park. The altitudes here range from 3,020 feet to 6,070 feet.

The abundance of Animals found in the Serengeti National Park, which includes the migration of a million wildebeests into the Serengeti Plains in search of fresh grassland. You will need to visit the place on February to witness more than 8000 wildebeest claves are born each day. The Tanzania Safari will give you a wonderful experience as you can watch most of the predators, especially the Lions. Apart from Lions, you can also spot Cheetahs, Leopards, Hyenas, and Jackals. Serengeti plains have more than 500 species of Birds. The secretary birds are seen here, which walks upto 20km searching vipers, cobras and other snakes. You can also find, African Fish Eagle, White Backed vulture, Lesser Flamingo, Ostrich and many more spices of Birds. And, you should know; the world famous Serengeti migration is one of the seven natural wonders of Africa.

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