Rubondo National park

Rubondo National park

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Rubondo National park is a lushly forested mountain which is straight out of Lake Tanganyika. It also has world’s most intriguing wildlife.The rainforest is on the western half and it is notable for chimpanzee sanctuary. There are around 14 groups of primates residing with leopards, blue duikers, red-tailed monkeys and many more animals with most of the rift valley bird species which are not found elsewhere in Tanzania.The only way to get around the Rubondo National park is by walking and boating along the shoreline.

The main reason you will need to visit Mahale is to watch chimpanzees. Mahale is regarded as one of the best places in the world to see wild chimpanzees.Mahale’s highest peak is Mt Nkungwe and it should be climbed only with an armed ranger. The climb requires a reasonable level of fitness but the trail is in decent shape. A two day option requires a willingness to scramble and hack your way through the bush.

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